When we produce a tool to go downhole. We start off by drawing the model in 2017 Solidworks. We analyze the overlapping profiles to make sure there are no weak spots. Then analyze for ball drop operations, ease of use, etc... From there it goes to our Journeyman Chad Martin who has worked at Cantool and Formtech for 15 plus years has  a vast experience in building downhole tools. He programs the 6.25" thru bore CNC to make sure the tool is created exactly like the drawing.  Before the tool leaves the shop it goes through a corrosion treatment process which also makes it aesthetically nicer for our customer. Unlike most machine shops, our API threads are all machined by using master thread gauges. This is critical in preventing a lost tool or a leaky joint.


With our two 5" hydraulic rams we mimic the max forces ever seen in the field with coil tubing. We can pull test to 100,000 pounds beyond the yield strength of most 2 3/8" tubing. We record our test and hydraulic pressure with a Go-Pro camera. After, we can analyze what the weakest link was. We've been surprised how strong and weak some existing tools actually are. Plus, it's a lot of fun to see what's going to fail first!


Leave it to the experts to rebuild your downhole tool.

We can MPI it to ensure there is no hidden cracks and we can pressure test it to make sure it's field ready.  We  also do thread repairs on your API threads which can save you a lot of money by avoiding buying a new tool.