When it comes to deploying our downhole tools we strive to come to the job

prepared. We use modelling software to help us predict our fluids, pump rates,

and tubing forces. It helps us design a BHA that suits our customer

so we get it right the first time. When introduced to a new field or a different

job scope we'll include our data loggers in our BHA so we can learn the reservoirs

temperatures, pressures, and fluid types. This helps us refine our programs by

taking the guess work out of the equation. This especially helps when we're using

a co-mingled fluid and having to calculate fluid velocities while dealing with friction

losses, volume / temp changes, and varying depths. We'll be able to time our our

gel and friction reducing pills to give us the best chance to have a clean well bore

while spotting the toe and heel with a friction reducer.  It's our goal to provide you

with the best service and well data so you can utilize it with other faucets of the

industry. What other tool company does that?