Pre-planning  is key to our business. We provide oil and gas with tools and  supervision. Blacksmith Oil tools utilizes various modelling programs and  downhole recorders to help optimize our operations.  
No one ever complained about a well executed plan!

Blacksmith Oil Tools coiled tubing tools rentals and sales




From completions, abandonments, and well servicing. We have a wide variety of tools that meet the vigorous demands of downhole environments. Our coiled tubing services are here to help make your job easy.

No one ever complained of great service!

If you're a skilled, driven, and honest individual who can thrive with a fast growing company then you should apply with us. We're looking to assemble the most experienced team complimented with robust equipment.

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When it comes to coiled tubing tools in Canada,  Blacksmith Oil Tools has the leading edge in the oil and gas industry. Supplying the oilpatch with downhole tools, wellsite supervision, and  manufacturing. We innovate. We deliver. 

Blacksmith Oil Tools was founded in 2016 by our current owner / operator Brett Olson. Our goal was to provide coil tubing downhole tools to the oil and gas industry in Canada.  It was named after the first toolhands of the industry, when Blacksmiths had to hammer and forge the bit on cable drilling rigs. The better the Blacksmith workmanship, the better the job went. A lot has changed since the days of dropping nitroglycerin down the well to open up a formation - engineering, horizontal drilling, fracturing, and completion techniques. But, one thing remains unchanged – our dedication to doing the best work in the Oilpatch. There are a  lot of coiled tubing services but we keep an old fashioned attitude about work, and that is it needs to get  done when we promised. More and more, that means relying on experienced toolhands and robust tools to perform the job safely and efficiency.


With our oilfield, machining, and drafting experience, we take immense pride in driving industry standards forward. We focus on strength, precision, and quality of our tools. We then put it to the test with our 100,000 pounds of destructive testing.
No one ever complained the product was too good!